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2019 CCME Concurrent Sessions

Level Track Title Abstract
Beginner Veteran Student Services Education, Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship: Bridging the gap between Higher Ed and State Government Presenters will share a program that has earned the attention of educators and the support of the state governor. The Training and Education Alliance program, housed within the Virginia Department of Veteran Services (VDVS) assists Colleges, Universities and licensing institutions by providing training on Veteran cultural competency and best practices in Military and Veteran student recruitment, matriculation, retention, graduation and entering the workforce. Attendees will learn how the program came into fruition and best practices.
Beginner Veteran Student Services Enhancing Military Services on Campus: Why is having a dedicated Military Affiliated Success Center Important? At times, military service members experience barriers to their successful transition to academia and new careers. This session will address how an institution can implement a Resource Center for military affiliated students on limited funding. Topics covered include: the mission of the program; student organizations and resources available; and how to manage a network of multiple centers across various campuses.
Intermediate Developing Partnerships Evaluate, Develop, and Launch Resources to Improve Military Culture Competence for Faculty This presentation will discuss how and why a military and veteran scenario-based course was developed for faculty. The course addresses common challenges faced by faculty with military-affiliated students, such as mental health concerns, military leave requests, navigating cultural differences, and enforcing attendance policies, and indicates how faculty should respond for the best possible outcomes. This module was developed to assist faculty in connecting with and supporting military and veteran students through their educational journeys.
intermediate Nursing/Allied Health Evidence-Based Education: Collaborations Yielding Relevant Outcomes - Better Readiness Collaborations among programs at the Medical Education and Training Campus and the Uniformed Services University - College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) yield relevant outcomes in terms of better readiness. The CAHS mission to educate and train highly competent personnel qualified and dedicated to serving the needs of the uniformed services and the United States assures the standards required at national levels and better preparing uniformed services before, during, and after the fight.
Intermediate Developing Partnerships Expanding pathways for military student success: Creating innovative partnerships for bridge programs Expanding education pathways from military to higher education is challenging. Mandates can meet with resistance, and efforts often fall short of tangible outcomes. This presentation details one University's successful partnership with the military as a potential framework for best practices. Topics covered include curriculum development that links to occupational specialties, credit articulation that focuses on upper-division courses, and creating university buy-in. Participants will actively participate in discussion designed to expand and personalize this novel framework.
Beginner Military Student Services Expert advice: How certifications create SMEs that affect industry change from within the military. Certifications issued annually continue to rise as the Department of Defense and private corporations increase emphasis on assuring that employees are properly trained and qualified for their roles. Credentialing Opportunities On-Line help Service members attain certifications, while certification earners become highly valued professionals, receiving more job opportunities upon separation, and, based on stringent criteria, having the potential to be selected as a volunteer subject-matter expert in the exam review process with the Project Management Institute.
Beginner Veteran Student Services Five steps to set up career success: The transition from military to corporate The majority of certification holders cite that they’ve experienced a positive impact on their professional image and reputation due to earning a certification. From course completion to digital credentials, join us to learn how to navigate the whole certification pathway. We’ll share a success story about a former Marine who utilized certification and digital credentialing to successfully transition out of the military.
Beginner Veteran Student Services From Boots to Books: How the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Prepares Service Members for Higher Education Accessing Higher Education (AHE) is one component of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) curricula. Every service member who transitions will attend the Transition GPS core curriculum, but those who are transitioning into a collegiate environment are encouraged to attend AHE. This breakout session will provide you with an overview of the transition process, focusing on the topics and content provided to service members during the AHE course and possible changes occurring in 2019.
Intermediate Military Student Services From Credits to Credentials: Increasing Military Student Degree Completion Rates Engendering steady student persistence to timely degree-completion is challenging in a military environment, but not impossible. To deliver meaningful value to servicemembers and taxpayers, academic institutions and the military services must provide effective support mechanisms leading to graduation. This presentation will compare, contrast, and assess the efforts of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide and others in this regard, leading to an inventory of best practices and conclusions for peers to consider.
intermediate Military Student Services From Military Veteran to Corporate Project Manager Veterans have the right stuff when it comes to a career in project management. The Project Management Professional (PMP) has become one of the most in-demand certifications. With growth projected to be over 87.7M project management jobs by 2027 and 2.2M new project oriented jobs Veterans have a bright opportunity ahead for them. Learn how to obtain the knowledge and the skills needed to become a PMP.