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The ACMEs (State Advisory Councils on Military Education)

CCME is a national outgrowth of the California College and Military Educators Association which was founded in 1972 to promote, encourage, and deliver quality education to all branches of the armed services. In addition to CCME's national focus, there are several State Advisory Councils on Military Education (ACMEs) committed to addressing military education issues within their respective states. The ACMEs' focus on three major areas:

  1. Evaluating and restructuring policies related to acceptance and transfer of credit for veterans, military students and their adult family members
  2. Enhancing the educational aspirations of the military populations in the state
  3. Making educational programs accessible in cost, location, and scheduling

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CCME is the parent group of all the ACME organizations and as such,
all ACME organizations are affiliated with CCME.

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