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CCME Award Recipients

John Brian Service and Leadership Award
Outstanding service to the voluntary education community by a government employee.

2016 Recipients: Sam Bagwell, US Marine Corps and Phil Cataquiz, US Navy
2015 Recipient: Rosalee "Sally" Lambert
2014 Recipient: William Garcia
2013 Recipient: Donna Duellburg
2012 Recipient: Ann Hunter, Chief USN Education
2011 Recipient: Mariver "Ivy" Castro
2010 Recipient: Major Troy M. Gipps
2009 Recipient: Dawn A. Bilodeau
2008 Recipient: Jonell Calloway

William E. Kennedy Award
Outstanding dedication and leadership in the delivery of quality programs to military installations and/or individuals.

2016 Recipient: Jim Yeonopolus, Central Texas College
2015 Recipient: James McDonough
2013 Recipient: Kirsten Savage
2011 Co-Recipients: Dr. Cheryl Polson and Susan Dewan
2010 Recipient: Richard W. Carter
2009 Recipient: Randy Wright
2008 Recipient: William “Bud” Hayes, Jr.

CCME Corporate Award
Presented to an organization in recognition of its significant contributions to the cause of military education.

2015 Recipient: Military Advanced Education (MAE)
2011 Recipient: American Council on Education (ACE)
2010 Recipient: Indtai, Inc.
2009 Recipient: BAM Technologies
2008 Recipient: MBS Direct

CCME Institution Award
Presented to an higher education institution in recognition of its significant contributions to the cause of military education.

2016 Recipient: Troy University
2015 Recipient: Kansas State University
2014 Recipient: Saint Martin's University
2013 Recipient: State University of New York, Empire State College
2012 Recipient: American Military University
2011 Recipient: University of Maryland University College (UMUC)
2010 Recipient: Hawaii Pacific University
2009 Recipient: Coastline Community College
2008 Recipient: Colorado Technical University at Colorado Springs

Barry Cobb Government Organization Award
Recognizes the outstanding contributions that government entities make to military education.

2016 Recipient: Coast Guard Institute
2015 Recipient: MCB Camp Pendleton
2013 Recipient: Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base
2012 Recipient: Ramstein Air Force Base
2011 Recipient: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
2010 Co-Recipients: Coast Guard PSSU Honolulu Learning Center & Marine Corps Base Hawaii Joint Education Center
2009 Recipient: Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges & Community College of the Air Force

CCME President’s Award
Recognizes significant contributions from any sector that has advanced the cause of military education.

2016 Recipients: Organizational Award: Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC). Individual Award: Laurine Anderson, Joint Services Transcript Manager, Navy Education Technical Manager, and Navy Education and Training Command (NETC) Education Branch Supervisor.
2015 Recipient: Carolyn Baker
2014 Recipient: William Yaeger
2013 Recipient: Bonnie Orvick
2012 Recipient: Louis Martini (Thomas Edison State College)
2011 Recipient: Carolyn Baker
2010 Recipient: Jeffrey Cropsey
2009 Recipient: Gary Woods
2008 Co-Recipients: James Selbe and James Wright

CCME President Emeritus

Mebane Harrison
Dr. Fred Huber

CCME Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 Recipient: Jim Sweizer
2014 Recipient: Andrea Baridon
2013 Co-Recipients: Susan McIntosh and Ramona McAfee
2012 Co-Recipients: Jim Anderson, Marcy Shapiro and Jeffrey Haycraft
2011 Recipient: Loretta Cornett-Huff
2008 Recipient: Dian Stoskopf

CCME Service Award

2015 Recipients: Barbara Merlo, Angela Reese, Deborah Walker and Bill Yeager
2014 Recipients: Linda Frank and GySgt Axel Davila

Call For 2017 Award Nominations

Click here to nominate an individual or an organization for an award. The deadline for nominations is October 3, 2016.



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