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Beyond Academia: Successful Strategies for Holistic Support of the Student Veteran in the 21st Century

This session will discuss the importance of focusing veteran support services to support the whole student as a catalyst for academic success. Since the passage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill ten years ago, Operation College Promise (OCP) has strived to identify and promote strategies that recognize the unique needs of this population and those challenges that may impede academic progress. OCP research has demonstrated that these ancillary factors such as finances, housing, cultural reintegration and health-related struggles are often at the root of academic problems. By addressing these realities through awareness and cultivating creative programs and services, military students ultimately have a much greater likelihood of success. OCP Board members will discuss some of the directives on campuses that fulfill this objective and engage the audience to explore their own challenges and successes in meeting the needs of the whole student.

Phil Gore - Director of Military Education Outreach and Success, Armstrong University Wendy A. Lang - Founder/Director Operation College Promise Craig R. Smith - Director of Veteran Affairs, Thomas Edison State University