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Changes Enabling Military and Veteran Student Success: Technology and Lasticity

This panel and the accompanying demonstrations and examples draw from existing and new technologies and in the trenches experiences to identify approaches for improving the success of service members/Veterans in post-secondary education. Specifically, success pathways are designed for those struggling with PTS, toxic stress, abuse, trauma and a return to an educational environment. With the Forever GI Bill, military personnel and Veterans will be growing populations in colleges and universities as well as certificate programs. To that end, the panel will focus on technology innovations including through the use of Big Data as a service provider and a critique of resiliency, grit and mindsets as strategies for success, particularly as compared to "lasticity," a new approach that moves away from a deficiency model and focuses instead on reciprocity and choice architecture among other features. Audience questions and comments and engagement are welcomed.

Marie Cini, PhD - Provost Emerita, University of Maryland University College Rosanna Clemente, MS - Air Missle Defense Officer, US Army (based in DC) Karen Gross, JD - Finn Partners (DC); Senior Fellow, College Promise of Civic Nation (DC) Marc Wine, MHA - Senior Policy Advisor, Healthcare Innovation, Dept. of Veterans Affairs