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Engaging Students in the Online Learning Environment: Knowing, Doing, and Reflecting

Sarah Brown, M.A., Coordinator for the Virtual Campus, Carl Albert State College; Michael Martin, M.S., Director for Institutional Technology, Carl Albert State College; Jason Morrison, Ed. D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Carl Albert State College

In the fall 2014, CASC launched its Virtual Campus a true third campus of Carl Albert State College. CASC has redesigned all course in a modular format, utilized a production studio, and live chats that promote three key themes of knowing, doing, and reflecting. The three themes drive each modular from start to finish and aid in the facilitation of course content, student learning, and transfer of knowledge. All courses utilize the Quality Matter design guidelines and are vetted through an approval process guided and control by the faculty of CASC.

14:30 - 15:20
Best Practices