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Maximizing Your School’s GoArmyEd Experience

Provide an update on the changes effecting LOI and Non-LOI schools within the GoArmyEd portal.

Over the last year there have been significant changes within the GoArmyEd portal.  New features such as VIA and the DPM tool have enhanced the GoArmyEd portal and the functionality for both LOI and Non-LOI users. This presentation will illustrate, clarify and provide insight on navigating the enhancements and the importance of LOI and Non-LOI schools managing their portal information.  The differences between LOI and Non-LOI schools will be explained and the process each one has with in the portal.


Stephanie Kahne, MBA, Associate Director for the SOC GoArmyEd
Patrice Hamilton, M.Ed., Project Director for the SOC Degree Network System
Gary Remington, SOC/Postsecondary Program Manager, HQ ACES