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Overcoming Transition Challenges with Veterans

Maurice Wilson, Master of Science in Communication, President/Executive Director of the National Veterans Transition Service, Inc. (NVSTI); Dr. John Evans, Ed.D. Organizational Leadership, Military Outreach Manager, Argosy University

Veteran service members continue to face a number of reintegration challenges when returning home, including physiological and behavioral disorders, broken identity, cultural gaps between military and civilian life, limited professional and social networks, lack of civilian work experience, translating military experience into civilian job skills, and veteran suicide. While most service members are routed into the Department of Defense Transition GPS Program (T-GPS), the T-GPS program primarily focuses on vocational transition and lacks evidence-based outcomes to enhance efficacy. As a result, many stakeholders are seeking an alternative solution to this urgent issue. To fill this need, NVTSI's REBOOT Workshops™ have proven to one of the most effective solutions for veterans returning home. After nearly five years of operation REBOOT has become the premier reintegration program (in the nation) that effectively addresses the personal and social needs of the transitioning service members and is ready for expansion, increased funding and support.

14:30 - 15:20
Transitioning from the Military