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Student ID verification - Implementation Success Tips involving 40,000 students and Catching Cheaters Using New Technology. Central Texas College

Jim Yeonopolus, Chancellor, Central Texas College; Jeff Maynard, BSc, Chief Executive Officer, Biometric; Angela Reese, Professor, Online Manager, Business Administration & Paralegal Dept., Central Texas College

Which strategies do you use to promote academic integrity in your online courses? We all promote online classes yet we put little or no deterrent for students who have opportunity to cheat from any of the 1000 web sites offering services for a fee. As a result, the re-authorized education act has mandated that institutions have a process that can verify student ID throughout the course. Recently the Dept. of Education placed stricter rules for student ID verification in order for schools to continue receiving Title IV funds. This timely topic will discuss why we must look beyond current technology to assure academic integrity and reduce financial aid fraud. Participants will see examples of how to embed authentication strategies into course activities and discuss technologies for authentication. Case study example will be provided where one authentication technology, BioSig-ID, has been successfully implemented with over 40,000 students at Central Texas College. Session will demonstrate how students verify their identity in seconds before they can access any gradable event. This session will also introduce the newest ways to catch student cheating and provide a case study showing the effectiveness of Real Time Event Notifications. A web demo will demonstrate how gesture biometrics works. The experience of tens of thousands of students will be presented as well as faculty feedback. The introduction of audit trail reports that highlight suspicious behaviors using a neural net and the use of attendance reports using gesture biometrics for LDA will also be presented.

10:00 - 10:50
Innovations in Voluntary Education