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Using Industry-related Work Tasks to Demonstrate Learning and Build Experience: An Alternative Learning Assessment

Aric Krause, Vice Provost & Dean, The Graduate School, University of Maryland University College

Service Members and Veterans struggle when they attempt to make significant shifts in careers after their service. Universities can help these students by using authentic assessment techniques that not only provide the forum for learning but can serve to broaden the student's experience portfolio. Universities can develop real-world applied learning scenarios that replace the concept of subject-specific courses, reorienting the program to the ability set of the student. This session will illustrate such a program and give specific examples of rebuilding academic programs using authentic assessment. This session will give specific examples of how a service member can gain experience within a specific industry or career while still serving in uniform – and deepening learning, engagement, and experience.

11:00 - 11:50
Military/Veteran Student College Initiatives
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